Charities That Help With Funeral Costs

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Charities That Help With Funeral Costs

Over the year, prices have certainly increased manifold but along with this problem is the high costs for funeral, which many mediocre income families are unable to pay and need funeral expenses help.

In the event of a sudden passing away of a loved one, an immediate payment of something between $3000 and $7000 can be very difficult to manage.

Charities That Help With Funeral Costs

Some payments have to be made in just a couple of hours of passing away, which can be very difficult without having a source of funds that can be accessed right away. How can families with low to middle income and minimal savings manage with such circumstances.

Charities That Fund Funeral Costs

One source is state and federal burial program through which a certain amount of finance can be gained to meet with funeral costs. How much is gained depends on location and also income level.

Another means of reducing burial costs is by opting for social security assistance, which offers a one-time payment of $255 to the spouse or children of the deceased. This amounts to very little but still helps in making small payment associated with a loved one’s passing away.

If the deceased is eligible for social security retirement benefits, their loved ones can claim survivor benefits. Such a claim can be made by surviving spouse of 60 and above, parents who are dependents and at the age of 62 and older, divorced spouse in case of a marriage of more than 10 years and unmarried children below 18 years.

Nonprofit organizations that help with funeral expenses

Children’s Burial Assistance.
Final Farewell.
The TEARS Foundation.
Funeral Consumers Alliance
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance. etc

Charities and Nonprofits that Help with Funeral Costs

You can also check out the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which offers financial assistance to those survivors of victims who have passed away due to a natural disaster. They also make payout in the event of a health condition that causes loss of life at the time of the disaster striking.

Yet another source of financial support for funeral expenses is the local church or funeral homes who will make payment in full and who can be repaid through a flexible repayment schedule.

An organization that offers complete assistance to families that simply cannot afford any funeral costs is Final Farewell, which is a non-profit organization. Friends of the Elderly is another charity organization that assists people in making payments for older people who are financially very poor.  

Help with funeral costs for a disabled person or needy one

Those in Colarado can look into the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), which is a program offering financial help for final expenses to disabled or needy person, but the amount offered is upto $2500.  Look into Funeral Consumers Alliance, which partners with many organizations that also include charities to provide for families unable to cope with funeral insurance costs.

In addition to the above means of getting financial assistance for funeral expenses, you can also look into loans that are provided within couple of hours to make funeral payments right away and which can be repaid through monthly installments. It will help you with funeral expenses.

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