Can I Get Life Insurance For Parents Without Knowing Them?

Can I Get Life Insurance For Parents?

Funeral cover for grandparents with no waiting period

In today’s times of inflation, the cost of everything seems to be increasing, including funerals. A funeral cover policy for parents allows the family of the departed to arrange a respectful send-off to their loved one. Most life insurance for parents covers have a waiting period, some less than the other.

The goal of the insurance company is to make sure that the cover is not being applied when a person is on their death bed, as that would be cheating. However, most companies provide with the immediate cover in case of an accidental death.

Can I Get Life Insurance for my Elderly Parents?

Life Insurance for an Elderly Mother

Life Insurance for an Elderly Parents

Why is Funeral cover with no waiting period important?

Let us face it, death is inevitable, and once you have crossed the age of 50, it is important that you get a funeral cover with no waiting period. This policy will save your family the harassment for arranging a funeral on a tight budget. You do not have to go through any medical tests for availing this policy which is an advantage.

Funerals can burn a hole in your pocket

Funerals can be a very expensive affair. From incurring the travel cost of close ones, to booking the church hall to buying a coffin and burial ground, everything is very expensive.

Your loved ones are anyways undergoing traumatic times and dealing with the loss of a beloved, and the last thing they need to fret about is funeral related expenses. Coping with the loss of a family member is anyways difficult, and people don’t want to be burdened with the cumbersome funeral cost. Don’t let you passing away be the cause of someone’s hassle, instead pre-plan everything and get it all arranged in your lifetime.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance for an Elderly parents

There are many companies which offer immediate funeral cover. Some of them offer the money within 48 hours of the death. There are some cultures who do not wait for a long time before arranging for a funeral service in South Africa, which is why such a service is important.

Getting such final expenses policy for parents will prove to be a practical decision which your family will be thankful for. A policy which offers immediate relief after the death of the policyholder will help you in making sure that the arrangements are not haphazardly put together, but are well thought out, all thanks to the availability of the funds.

It will allow you peace of mind

A funeral policy over 80 to 85 will allow you peace of mind. You will be assured that your family will not have to face embarrassment because of the lack of funds for your last rites. You can choose from many different life insurance for parents policy providers from here

Can I get Life cover for my 85 old parents?

In fact, you can start an internet search of “funeral cover with no waiting period” and filter your choices depending on the customer feedback and the quote you receive. While filtering the choices go through the clauses and terms and conditions properly to make sure, that there are no loopholes in the contract.

Death is a very sad affair, but the biggest reality of life. Instead of running away from it, be sure to get hold of an effective life insurance for parents policy which provides immediate funeral cover.

Be well!

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